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Why did John learn sign?

Here is the answer …..


Father & Daughter


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Meet Adam Jarashow




Invitation from Rosa Lee


A Father & his Son

Communicating is key in relationships.  Here is what Nick said about why he signs,

“So I am really really proud of him for everything he does, sports, he is smart he does lots of different things and it is really important to me that I communicate with him because he is my son! Right? He is a huge part of my life. He is an amazing boy. Its really important to me that I sign and communicate with him as he grows. I see many many “why I sign videos” but I don’t see many from fathers that are signing and communicating. Why? I don’t know. I really want to see videos from fathers. Fathers it is really important to communicate with your sons and daughters. So I know you are there but I haven’t seen you yet. I want to see more fathers videos. I really support you as fathers and men to sign and communicate with your kids.”


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Shout Out to an Officer who Signs

Thank you officer Luis Quinonez. Mr. Luis Quinonez is a dad who learned how to sign so he could communicate & have a relationship with his deaf daughter.

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